Mitel’s MiVoice Conference Phone boasts Excellent Audio & In-room Display Capabilities

Maximize efficiency and productivity during conference calls with one easy-to-use device… The MiVoice Conference Phone has 16 built-in microphones that focus on the person talking to achieve outstanding audio quality.

Check out the 1:30 Minute Video

Meeting participants can seamlessly share ideas and files using the phone’s in-room presentation display capabilities. A large touch screen display includes embedded collaboration services and web browser, so participants can access, view and interact without the need for a separate PC in the meeting room.

Embedded apps, such as WebEx and, provide quick and easy access to cloud-based collaboration – including the ability to support tablet driven presentations. An embedded web browser provides users with access to other cloud services, such as Gmail and ExchangeWeb for personal contact dialing and chat functions.

Not only is the MiVoice Conference phone easy to use, setup is as simple as any other IP phone. Ready to enhance your conference room call experience? Contact us today at: (703) 321-3030 or  

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