TCI Host – Cloud Voice Solution Simplifies Communication, Management & Budget

When you combine flexible communications, mobility and the cloud, borders disappear, barriers collapse, costs drop and productivity rises. If these sound like the kind of advantages you want to bring to your business, it’s time to move to the Cloud with TCI Host. Talk, Chat, Share & Meet With TCI Host, you get all the […]

The 5 Most Important Contact & Call Center Trends

We’ve seen a lot of changes to the call center and Customer Experience landscape in recent years. Cloud communications and a distributed workforce have been on the minds of many our clients. The need to integrate social media channels is becoming more important than ever. Here are 5 of the strategic trends shaping up to […]

Internet of Things: How Mitel is Giving Machines a Voice

Connecting devices allow businesses to operate more efficiently. The IoT’s ability to automate tasks like monitoring, sensing, and data collection is driving its adoption across many industries. A new IoT innovation is being enabled by Mitel – giving connected devices a ‘voice’ to alert people who can interact and address whatever situation a device is […]

Mitel CloudLink Streamlines App Development to Empower Business Transformation

Businesses are continually looking for ways to streamline and automate workflows and increase productivity to the point where all elements of their organization – people, processes, data and things – can connect and communicate seamlessly to enable growth. Mitel addresses these needs with CloudLink, an application development and delivery platform that allows businesses to leverage […]

Why Affordable Call and Screen Recording Makes Good Business Sense

Many industries are faced with legal and regulatory compliance guidelines that require them to record their phone conversations, but businesses in every industry can benefit as well. Here’s how… Document customer transactions, both Voice & Screen Meet compliance requirements Resolve customer disputes Enhance employee productivity Improve internal processes Train and coach customer service representatives Call […]

The “Cloud” Defined – What it Means for Your Small or Mid-Sized Business

Imagine being able to access company data, applications, services, and resources Anytime, Anywhere. That’s the idea behind the “Cloud” – an efficient, flexible and cost-saving IT platform – that small and mid-sized businesses are rapidly adopting to save money and improve day-to-day operations. The Cloud makes it much easier for small and large enterprises to […]

Managing Multiple Offices? TCI Connects the Dots

Wherever you have office locations, TCI’s National Account team takes care of everything, including the design and implementation of your new systems. We’ll also arrange the office infrastructure and cabling for you, including wireless access points. TCI makes it easy for you to expand your business regionally, nationally or internationally, providing you with… Simplified procurements […]

TCI Builds & Supports Your Networks, Cabling, Wi-Fi and Battery Backup Infrastructure

Don’t get tangled up… TCI’s team of networking experts excel in reviewing your existing network infrastructure and providing advanced wired and wireless solutions.  When you are moving or expanding, we can function as your prime contractor, providing comprehensive consulting and installation services. We’ll team up with your network integrators, contractors, architects and electrical engineers to get […]

Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Service?

What happens if you lose access to your business data – for an hour, for a day, for a week, or forever? Depending on your business, the answer may vary, but it’s not something you want to experience to find out – especially if it can be avoided. Prevent the unthinkable… We’re here to ensure […]

TCI Deploys Voice Anyway, Anywhere You Want It

Phone systems have traditionally been deployed on-site, but the lure of the Cloud is strong. Many multi-site businesses like a combination of both – deploying a premises system at headquarters and a Cloud solution for the branch offices – all interconnected and centrally managed over an IP network. There are many reasons why On-site Phone […]

Exploring a Private Cloud for your Business Communications? Get your Essential Guide first

Private cloud is the most popular cloud deployment model for companies in industries with strict data regulations, like healthcare, government or financial services. Opting for a hosted private cloud can provide your business with the benefits of a dedicated architecture, without many of the IT management responsibilities. Download: Private Cloud for Business Communications – The Essential […]

When Was Your Last Pen Test?

If your response was, “What the heck is a Pen Test?” – your network is probably already harboring dangerous malware. A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system performed to evaluate the security of the system. The test is performed to identify weaknesses – including […]