Unified Communication as a Service… Move Your Voice to the Cloud – Get DR and BC at No Cost!

Businesses are investing in Cloud Voice for a variety of reasons, including cost savings, mobility, scalability and the desire to shift financing from CAPEX to OPEX.

Others are taking Cloud Voice a step further – not only adopting UC as a Service (UCaaS) for its collaboration tools, but for its built-in disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) capabilities as well.

When you think of how important communications continuity is to your business, moving to UCaaS is a very smart move, especially when the platform already relies on a resilient cloud infrastructure. Trying to replicate this internally would require a redundant PBX and a duplicate cluster of UC servers at a backup location, in addition to paying monthly carrier fees to maintain network connections to that site.

Supporting Daily & Emergency Communications

When you incorporate UCaaS into your daily operations, you also cover your emergency communications. Using the same UCaaS tools for daily operations and disaster situations also means your users and IT staff won’t have to worry about getting familiar with a backup system in the middle of a crisis.

With UCaaS, no matter where you work or what device you use, you have access to the same set of collaboration and communication tools. When a local emergency shuts down your building, your team can work offsite without interruption. Communications continue seamlessly, regardless of the type or duration of the disaster.

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Worried About Staying Connected When the Next Hurricane Hits? UCaaS Has You Covered!

Any number of threats can take your business offline, including floods, road closures, fire and other disasters. When your people can’t get to work, your operations can come to a grinding halt and the collateral damage from your unexpected shutdown can be severe.

In addition to the pain of lost revenues, your customers may find alternative providers and your public image can take a hit.

Paying for expensive redundant services can help mitigate such calamities, but with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) you’ll get a built-in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan – without the extra cost.

Today’s voice systems and services are more powerful than ever and are designed to safeguard your business from a range of contingencies. As long as your team has UCaaS, smart phones and wireless data, and/or laptops with access to WiFi, they automatically have the essential elements of a DR plan.

Equipping your team members and contact center reps with their office tools and apps – as they seamlessly work from a remote office or home – will enable your business to withstand virtually any local emergency that shuts down your building.

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Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Service?

What happens if you lose access to your business data – for an hour, for a day, for a week, or forever?

Depending on your business, the answer may vary, but it’s not something you want to experience to find out – especially if it can be avoided.

Prevent the unthinkable…

We’re here to ensure that your data – and your ability to use it – remains safe, no matter what happens. Lightning, fire, theft, flooding, sabotage, equipment failures, natural disasters and other threats can all jeopardize the stability of any business. Companies that fail to guard against them can experience catastrophic consequences.

Critical elements of disaster planning include:

  • Identifying risks, threats and exposure before it’s too late
  • Determining appropriate risk reduction, remedies, and alternatives for systems and networks
  • Assessing the need for data protection measures, off-grid power sourcing, and secure off-site storage
  • Checking the feasibility of implementing telework programs to keep your business open during an emergency

Get started by engaging TCI experts to perform a thorough audit. Our specialists find the gaps and map out better ways to protect your business. We then work with you to implement action plans that can help you get through a crisis without causing disruption to your business.

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How MiCloud Service Makes Business Voice Easy

What sets Mitel’s affordable, all-in-one MiCloud voice service apart is the friendly, local TCI team that comes to your office to set everything up. Here’s what else your business gets when you sign up:

Mobile integration – Remote workers have access to the full feature set from their mobile devices anywhere they go, just as if they were sitting at their desks.

Easy to use interface – With a cloud-based interface, it’s easy for employees to talk, chat, and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Instant updates – Upgrades are deployed through automatic software updates, allowing your IT team to stay focused on business.

Predictable monthly costs – By hosting a phone system over the Internet, you are charged on an “as needed” basis, paying only for what your business uses.

Scale up or down – Whether your business is growing, moving or sizing down, the MiCloud provides flexibility and scalability.

Maximize business continuity – MiCloud maximizes uptime and coverage through multiple, remotely hosted data centers, helping you avoid costly interruptions.

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Thunderstorms deliver seasonal reminder to assess your Business Continuity plans with TCI

How Business Continuity planning with TCI helps protect your business…

First, our experts perform a thorough gap assessment to identify risks, threats and exposure before it’s too late. Then we recommend solutions and action plans to enable you to mitigate and effectively manage a crisis.

40% of small businesses who experience a disaster never recover.

TCI’s cutting-edge Disaster Recovery solutions are tailored to help protect your entire technology environment – from data and applications, to office computers, mobile devices, networks and phone systems.

Will your business continue to operate when disaster strikes?

Here’s just some of the ways TCI’s comprehensive approach helps you safeguard what counts…

  • Determine appropriate risk reduction strategies, remedies, and alternatives for critical systems and networks, including affordable ways to address voice and data protection measures like off-grid power sourcing and secure off-site storage.
  • Enable a remote work program that can keep your business open when your office is shut down during an emergency.
  • Avoid critical data loss or recovery delays dealing with missing databases, disrupted systems, networks and more.

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