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Wondering if you’re getting the best pricing, service, and solutions? Need your voice and data networks at peak performance? Want great customer service when you need it?

Now there’s a better way…
Get all the communications support you need from your single-source partner – TCI. We find the best network service solutions for you and manage everything. We act as your advocate with the carriers and service providers.

TCI recently saved a health care provider with 10 Northern Virginia locations $81,079/year, with an optimized local and wide area solution…

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Capture the savings…
You call us. We do the rest. When it comes to carrier services you pay nothing extra for our expert advice and coordination – we get reimbursed from the carriers and service providers. You get the savings.
And you get outstanding support!
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Connect your Mitel Phone System with your iPhones, iPads, Smart Phones & More

The days of the “one size fits all” office are gone. Today’s workforce draws on a range of work styles, schedules and settings. A growing number of employees want BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for work:– 60% of employees use their personal laptops

– 50% use their own mobile and smartphones

– 30% use mobile GPS

Mitel Android App download at Google Play

Mitel iOS Apple App download at iTunes


Free your people to perform anywhere and stay connected, helping them to…

– Work with a consistent communications experience in or out of the office.

– Use unified communications and collaboration tools on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

– Gain control over their communications.

– Remain accessible and responsive to customers.

Check out a Video overview of the MiCollab Client

TCI’s Mobility Solutions make your people more productive on the go, in the office or at home. Get Anytime, Anywhere communications… Contact us today at: (703) 321-3030


Virtualizing Voice can Protect your Business

Voice Virtualization technology offers more savings, simplicity, and peace of mind.

With Mitel UC applications running on a VMware virtualization platform businesses get efficiency, control and choice – and can dramatically lower capital and operating costs.  With voice and data integration, there’s no longer a need for two sets of hardware, two sets of resources, or two budgets.

Simplified disaster recovery planning is another major advantage.

A single business continuity and disaster recovery plan is all that’s required for everything running in the data center. When voice services, business applications and data are protected off-site, everything is easily recovered from the Cloud if disaster strikes your location.

Make sure your Voice is part of your business continuity plan. Contact TCI today at: (703) 321-3030

Improving Customer Relationships with MiContact Center solutions

Whether you run a department, an enterprise, or a small business, the goal of any contact center is ensuring that customers get the kind of service they need so you can build and maintain profitable relationships.

Mitel offers niche MiContact Center solutions for virtually any business need…

Large-Scale Enterprise-Grade Contact Centers deliver custom IVR capabilities and monitoring, reporting, forecasting, and agent productivity tools for the most sophisticated centers, including virtual, multimedia contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents.

Microsoft Lync-Based Contact Centers are built natively on the Lync Server call control and desktop client, combining ACD routing with in-queue messaging, extended Lync presence, real-time reporting, historical monitoring and forecasting, and CRM screen pops.

Outbound Contact Centers provide preview and predictive dialing, as well as campaign and agent scripting capabilities.

Cloud-Based Contact Centers enable businesses to offer a quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.

Informal and Workgroup Contact Centers provide an entry-level solution for workgroups with up to 100 agents.

Small Formal Contact Centers provide an out-of-the-box solution designed for single-site contact centers with 50 or fewer agents.


Check out the Mitel Solutions Portfolio here

We’ll help you select and implement the call center solution that’s right for your business.  Contact your TCI sales rep or Customer Service at (703) 321-3030 or

Relocating? Expanding Your Office? Plan Ahead with TCI for an Easier Move

Moving into a new building or renovating an old one? TCI’s team of certified experts will design, manage, install, support and maintain the entire IT & Voice infrastructure for you.

We have decades of expertise supporting a diverse customer base: commercial, retail, industrial, and public sector.

Whether you need cabling, PoE, fiber, wireless access points, phone system, conferencing servers, switches, routers, battery back-up, or route diversity to ensure network availability – we get the job done on time and within budget.

You can avoid costly change orders late in the construction process by getting us involved early in your project. We work with your real estate people, contractors, building manager, and architect to ensure all network requirements are included in the plans.

Make sure your network can support your business objectives. Contact TCI today at: (703) 321-3030or

Affordable, All-in-One System & Support… TCI’s Advantage “Rent-to-Own” Plan

With our popular Advantage Plan, you get the customized phone system equipment you need, plus comprehensive support.  As an Advantage subscriber, you’ll eliminate unexpected costs and keep your budget on track all year long!

TCI Advantage Plans allow you to meet all your business communication needs without the big upfront expense or unplanned service costs. Terms of 24, 36, 48 and 60 months are available.

Advantage coverage includes everything you need for worry-free communications:

Communications Strategy
– Benefit Review & Planning Session
– Annual Needs Analysis
– Business Change Planning
– Connectivity Audit & AnalysisOptimizing Functionality
– Full Warranty on Components
– Maintenance Labor
– Remote Support
– Risk of Loss Coverage (Acts of God)
– Unlimited Phone Support (Help-desk)
– Priority Scheduling & Dispatch
– Telephone Set Re-Labeling
Action Plan
– App Integration & Call Reporting
– Technology Migration
– User and Admin Training
– Programming Changes
– Software Updates
– Moves & ChangesFinancial Flexibility
– Off Balance Sheet Operating Expense
– Technology Upgrade Flexibility
– Risk of Loss Coverage (Acts of God)
– 20% off Equipment and Services
– 20% off Moves / Adds / Changes

Simplify your life

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