Need an Avaya Escape Hatch? More Reasons to Go with Mitel & TCI

Avaya filed for Chapter 11 protection in January. If you’re an Avaya customer or were considering one of their systems, Mitel and TCI are ready to help.

Ready for Tomorrow
With any Mitel solution, your investment is future-ready, even as you grow or decide to shift from on-premises to cloud communications. Mitel’s expansive portfolio of customer experience, mobility and collaboration solutions provide a unified platform for your business communications – no matter what the future holds.

A Global Leader
If you’re thinking about a cloud deployment, a study by Synergy found Mitel has more than 2X the number of cloud users than Cisco and Avaya combined. With public, private and hybrid cloud deployment options, Mitel can meet your unique business needs, and TCI is ready to provide local implementation and ongoing support.

Award Winning Technology
Gartner Group is also singing Mitel’s praises… for the third year in a row Mitel is once again the leader in their Magic Quadrant ranking of Unified Communications providers.

Act Fast
Mitel is making the transition affordable too with limited-time offers available exclusively to Avaya users or anyone actively considering investing in an Avaya solution in 2017.

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Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers Professionally Designed Sound Masking Solutions?

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area to reduce distractions or provide confidentiality where needed. The sound is typically introduced through speakers installed in or above the ceiling. The sound is random and is generated such that the listener is not even aware of it.

Why do we need it?

  • 70% of all offices now have an “Open Floor Plan Design.”
  • Over half of cubicle and open office employees are dissatisfied by their workplace’s speech privacy.
  • The #1 reason for Employee Dissatisfaction in the office is Sound Privacy (Temperature is a distant #2).

How does it work?

  • Sound masking is barely noticeable and sounds similar to airflow, but it’s specifically tuned to the frequency and amplitude of human speech to make speech less intelligible.
  • The sound is introduced through speakers installed in the ceiling, creating a blanket of sound.
  • Sound masking typically reduces the area where speech is intelligible and distracting from upwards of 50 feet to around 15 feet.
  • Workers can still collaborate with their neighbors but are no longer being distracted by conversations on the other side of the office.

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Digital Transformation: Understanding the Digital Imperative

A major challenge for businesses in every industry is how to maintain and increase competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy.

Companies can no longer simply differentiate their products and services along a single dimension – like price, features, quality, and support.

Except for commodity goods and services, the lowest price doesn’t guarantee a sale, poor quality is never acceptable, and customer service requires far more than a friendly smile.

Instead, perceived value, functional match to requirements, exceptional quality, and total customer experience across all touch points are all important aspects of the new competitive norm.

Continued success is now based on being able to capture new opportunities in a rapidly changing market.

Businesses must find innovative and creative new ways to engage, attract, and retain their customers.

Learn more about how Digital Transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders… and how you can enable it.

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The TCI Difference – We Are NOT Your Average Cloud, Hosted Voice or UCaaS Provider

Individually Designed… Flawlessly Engineered… Meticulously Implemented Solutions

Powered by technology from global leader Mitel, our Hosted “Unified Communications as a Service” solution fills a crucial gap in the DC Region’s fast moving Cloud Voice market.

Whether you’re a small or large business, we custom design and manage every solution specifically for your unique requirements.  Every TCI HOST/UCaaS client is provided a fully-featured, dedicated arrangement that doesn’t share resources with any other customer.  Unlike “One Size Fits All” offerings, our solution will not restrict access to features or limit your deployment options.

Flexible Deployment & Acquisition Options

Exploiting the flexibility of IP technology, your virtualized UC platform may be deployed on your premises, in a public or private cloud, or any data center location, including TCI’s.  You can Rent, Lease, or Purchase and we offer Fully Managed or Self-Managed support.

We’re Proven & Experienced 

  • Providing service and solutions for 36+ years
  • More than 3,000 systems installed – local, nationwide, globally
  • Over 35,000+ lines under service contracts
  • Mitel Certified Voice & Data Technical Engineers
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Live Answer Customer Service

A Seamless, Easy Transition

Unlike other Business VoIP providers, TCI takes care of all the important details for you, from delivering phones to network testing and set-up, feature programming, training, and ongoing support.  Ready to simplify and improve your Business Communications?

Learn more about The TCI Advantage

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Mitel Mass Notification… Connect with the Right People at the Right Time

Mitel’s award-winning Mass Notification solution enables faster delivery and acknowledgement of vital information to your customers, employees, and other constituents.

From routine billing notices, order status, and appointment reminders to crisis events such as outages, recalls, and emergency response, Mitel enables you to deliver personalized information in real-time to the right people at the right time.

Mass Notification allows you to text, email or call to get the word out

  • Notify your target audience of events, promotions and limited time offers using their preferred device.
  • Using channel of choice, managers can notify staff of tasks that require immediate action.
  • Notify all your locations regarding notices, product issues, policy changes.
  • Notify people to fill shift; billing notices, appointment reminders, order status.
  • Automated notification for unexpected outages, planned outages and outage restoration.
  • Customer Notifications with welcome messages and appointment reminders.
  • Send Promos, coupons and loyalty programs via customer’s media of choice.
  • Generate real-time reports consisting of auditable record of open, acknowledged and closed issues.

Check out how Texas A&M is using Mass Notification as they discuss how they use the technology to keep its sizable student body, faculty and staff connected – especially when it’s critical.

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