How to Make the Most of Your Communication Investments

Technology is constantly changing, and at an ever increasing pace. When it comes to unified communications and collaboration (UCC), your investments should be positioned for whatever the future brings. Here are some tips for making the most of your UCC investments that will ensure a better path forward for your business.

Keep communications seamless

The mobile workforce is not a trend that will go away anytime soon – in fact, it will accelerate. About 70% of mobile professionals will do their work on portable devices in 2018. This means communications and collaboration tools should be designed with mobility in mind so users can have a consistent in-office experience across all devices, no matter where they happen to be working.

Improve financial performance

A mobile collaboration strategy can continue to pay dividends year after year through significant cost savings. Working with TCI to develop a “mobile first” vision can transform your business and improve your profit margin without having to stake everything on a big sales win.

Engage and retain the best talent

A recent poll of 1,500 technology professionals revealed that 37% would take a pay cut of 10% if they could work from home. A mobile strategy can create a truly collaborative environment by improving employee morale, while enabling connections with colleagues on the road and in remote offices. It also permits your business to more easily tap into a global talent pool and should be part of your employee retention plan.

Improve customer engagement

Today’s customers will no longer wait in line or hang on hold. They want to connect with you through their preferred media – social networks, web chat, video and SMS – and they want to do it instantly. To gain a competitive edge, reach out to TCI for multimedia solutions that will improve customer engagement.

Protect your investment

Partnering with TCI provides the flexibility to change and grow at your own pace. Whether you have a premises system today, putting everything in the cloud or testing the waters with a hybrid arrangement, your communication infrastructure should easily scale as your business expands.

Trust a partner that delivers

From how your employees innovate to how you engage with customers, reliable communications in a rapidly changing environment is a critical business need. Take your team collaboration and customer experience to the next level by partnering with TCI for support you can count on today and tomorrow, no matter what the future brings.

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Practical Business Realities Drive Adoption of Hybrid & Cloud Computing

IT systems and data networks should move a business forward, not hold it back. That’s why companies in every industry are looking to the cloud. By using a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data, rather than the traditional local servers they might have on-site today, businesses can reap the advantages of high performance, reliability, affordable prices, easy collaboration, and secure data access.

And that’s not all… Hybrid and cloud arrangements offer a number of practical bottom-line benefits:

  • Deliver secure remote access to employees: Ensure your employees receive a consistent, high-quality user experience to rely on for secure access to the apps and data they need – no matter what type of network connection they use.
  • Provide employees with flexibility to work anytime, anywhere: Work is no longer a place – it’s something you enable with the greatest security and flexibility. Use app and desktop virtualization to embrace workforce mobility and empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Empower mobile users without compromising security: Having sensitive business data stored on employee devices increases vulnerability. By virtualizing your apps and desktops to keep data secure in your datacenter or the cloud you don’t have to worry about lost or stolen devices.
  • Make managing desktops easier and more efficient: Implement app and desktop virtualization to automate and centralize management. You can stop patching and updating your employees’ desktops on an individual, manual basis – saving you time, money and frustration.
  • Get new employees up and running in minutes: Use any available devices – aging legacy PCs, thin clients, laptops or mobile devices – and reduce new employee time to productivity.
  • Keep employees productive during business disruptions: Empower your employees to work remotely during business disruptions – anywhere, anytime, on any device – with secure access to the apps and data they depend on.
  • Reduce IT costs: App and desktop virtualization significantly reduce your IT costs, management time, and complexity compared to traditional desktop management.

Many businesses are still under the impression that the Cloud is a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why having a trusted technology partner who can work with you to develop a cloud roadmap and strategy is so important.

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5 Ways to Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level in the Digital Age

There’s a lot of pressure to provide a great experience each time customers interact with your brand. Businesses are responding by prioritizing the Customer Experience as a competitive differentiator.

Your business needs to consider the full range of your Customers’ Experience: not just the call they make to sales or support, but all the different departments and technologies that your customers interact with to make a sale or resolve an issue.

Here are five ways to deliver exceptional Customer Experience in the digital age:

  • Be holistic – Review your current Customer Experience; it doesn’t start and stop with one phone call. It’s important to take a 360-degree view, including chat, social media, direct messages and beyond.
  • Respond immediately – To avoid customer frustration with misdirected calls, a unified communications and collaboration system can allow your agents and staff to collaborate on customer issues without leaving the call.
  • Consider IoT – Implementing IoT automated responses to certain triggers can prevent problems before they take place. For example, a customer’s air conditioning unit can signal your business when the unit is not running properly so you can arrange a tech visit. The customer can respond within their own messaging app.
  • Go beyond voice – When you’re looking at your own contact center, make sure you’re not relying too heavily on voice call metrics; factor in responses and workflows via alternative media.
  • Push for high availability – Your Customer Experience doesn’t stop when there is a disaster or system malfunction. Push for high availability by keeping a physical or virtual replication of your main contact center server.

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