Hung up With an Old-School Phone System? Walk Your Talk to TCI Cloud Voice

Companies of all types and sizes are replacing the phone systems of the past with simple, seamless cloud services. They’re motivated by reduced costs and new capabilities.

TCI Host is a customized Cloud-based UC and collaboration service. We offer several deployment models, including hybrid arrangements that can connect multiple locations with a mix of premises and hosted deployments. Over time you can easily shift from one approach to another as your needs change.

Enjoy unmatched scalability and flexibility…

  • Phones available from TCI or source your own
  • Work from the office, home or road
  • Handle calls from your desk or mobile phone
  • Seamless multi-site networking and extension dialing
  • Instantly check on the availability of colleagues
  • Easy online management & reporting
  • No upgrade, support or software costs… We maintain everything

Choose the level of support you need…

  • TCI can manage everything end-to-end… We’ll handle your moves, adds and changes
  • Or, manage your own changes and only call TCI when you need help
  • Break-fix support or sign up for a traditional maintenance plan

Also available with your TCI Host subscription…

  • Call activity reporting and analysis
  • Connectivity audit and analysis
  • Integration with Outlook, Salesforce, CRM and other applications
  • Professional onsite user and admin training
  • Discounts on services and equipment
  • Full warranty on components
  • Outstanding 24×7 onsite and remote support, plus help desk

Don’t let an old-school phone system hang up your business… Walk your talk to TCI Cloud Voice. Contact TCI today: (703) 321-3030 or


Hey, Did You Know TCI Provides Global Data Center and WAN Procurement Services?

TCI consults, sources and procures Data Center services anywhere in the world, as well as Wide Area Network (WAN) services from the most basic to the most complex.

If you think a data center or cloud solution might be worth considering, and are unsure of what to do next, give us a call. TCI will give you an independent assessment of possible solutions as well as the connectivity options that best meet your business needs.

If you have two or more sites, you likely have a data network. It may be broadband Internet connections serving your sites, or it might be an expansive network that connects many sites with a mix of technologies, including SD-WAN, VPN, MPLS, private line, Ethernet, or dark fiber. No matter what you use, TCI can help you re-evaluate what you have now and recommend lower cost, higher performing alternatives.

When it comes to WAN services, TCI brings options from over 300 service providers to help you make the best choices. And with fully redundant solutions, your business will never lose connectivity again.

Reach out to TCI for selection advice and procurement services that will keep your business responsive to customers and ahead of the competition. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


Looking for a Way Out of your VoIP Contract? Check Out this Buyout Offer!

With fast-paced changes in technology, service plans and pricing, you could find yourself saddled with an out-of-date phone system sooner than expected. Don’t let outdated technology slow you down.

With our flexible TCI Advantage Service, you can empower your teams with tools that help your business achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

We’re looking to help you tear down the barriers and break free. To help you switch, we’ll buy out your contract for up to $200/line.

Here’s how TCI Advantage stacks up against the competition:




Ring Central


HD Voice
Simultaneous ringingOptional
Group chat
Mobile first technology
Fully integrated collaboration software
Extensive integration with over 10+ CRM Systems
Mix-&-Match Licenses
Buy out your contract to help you switch

Don’t miss out on this Limited Time Contract Buyout offer… Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


How MiCloud Service Makes Business Voice Easy

What sets Mitel’s affordable, all-in-one MiCloud voice service apart is the friendly, local TCI team that comes to your office to set everything up. Here’s what else your business gets when you sign up:

Mobile integration – Remote workers have access to the full feature set from their mobile devices anywhere they go, just as if they were sitting at their desks.

Easy to use interface – With a cloud-based interface, it’s easy for employees to talk, chat, and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Instant updates – Upgrades are deployed through automatic software updates, allowing your IT team to stay focused on business.

Predictable monthly costs – By hosting a phone system over the Internet, you are charged on an “as needed” basis, paying only for what your business uses.

Scale up or down – Whether your business is growing, moving or sizing down, the MiCloud provides flexibility and scalability.

Maximize business continuity – MiCloud maximizes uptime and coverage through multiple, remotely hosted data centers, helping you avoid costly interruptions.

Learn how MiCloud simplifies your life.  Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or

Winterize Your Business with Telework & Mobility Solutions

Providing employees with the ability to work remotely – with full access and security to their desktop voice and data and applications – has become an essential element of business continuity planning, especially in our area, where even a mention of snow can suddenly force streets and buildings to close.


With “plug and work” access to the voice and data network at the office, your team can use all of the features and functionality they need while at home or on the road, allowing your business to keep going until everyone can return to the office. This kind of resilience can be had for a very low cost: an IP Phone with access to a broadband connection.


Another way to protect your business is to equip mobile phones with apps that not only allows employees to make and receive calls placed to their corporate phone number, but leverage important communication features like extension dialing to co-workers, use of the company dialing plans, and corporate phone directory lookups. Equipped for mobility, your team can produce anywhere.

Winterize your business now

TCI makes it easy to keep employees productive and your customers happy. While competitors scramble to find communication alternatives until the snow clears, it is “business as usual” for you.

Don’t wait for bad weather to arrive.  Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or