According to the FBI, more than $209 million was paid in ransom in just the first three months of 2016 in the US, compared to $25 million in all of 2015…  
As bad as that is, the true cost of a ransomware is a lot more than the ransom you pay…

  • Loss of Revenue from off-line systems. For a $25m company with a M-F operation this can easily exceed $100,000 PER DAY
  • The high cost of unproductive down-time. For the average US firm of 100 employees, that is more than $20,000 PER DAY
  • The time, resources and money you need to invest in tracking down the security holes that allowed the attack in the first place
  • For industries like healthcare and finance, an attack can trigger federal investigation, regulatory scrutiny, and legal action if reasonable precautions were not taken to prevent security breaches

a Message from our CEO

“Even the best of us can let our guard down, but everyone running a business needs to be concerned about the explosive growth of Ransomware  ̶  a particularly aggressive form of Malware that can hurt your business in more ways than you imagine.”

̶  Tom Cornbrooks, TCI President and CEO

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