Shifting From a ‘Project Outcome’ to ‘Business Outcome’ Mindset

In a fast-moving economy, with companies jockeying for every competitive advantage, it pays to take stock of how successful you are in achieving business goals.

Are you satisfied with merely executing the latest projects, or are you focused on achieving specific Business Outcomes?

For example, if the Business Outcome you need is to attract the best talent, an upgrade to the company website to permit the collection of resumes, by itself, may not achieve the goal, even though the project was executed perfectly, on time and within budget.

With a focus on Business Outcomes, however, attention is paid to putting policies, processes and technologies in place to ensure success. Here’s how that might work for the goal of attracting the best talent:

  • Policy – BYOD, telework and flexible hours are permitted within the guidelines established by the company.
  • Process – In support of the policy, the company must extend management and security to end-user devices and establish access privileges to protect sensitive data.
  • Technology – With the policy and process defined, the right technologies can be implemented such as VoIP, remote access, virtual desktops, and various productivity apps.

Shifting from a Project Outcome to Business Outcome mindset can go a long way toward getting the results you are looking for, whether it is to attract the best talent, increase retention rates, improve acquisition rates, increase revenue, reduce costs, or improve efficiency.

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