Running a Multi-Site Enterprise? 5 Ways UCaaS Simplifies Connecting Your Locations

A unified enterprise voice network connects your customers and employees, no matter where they’re located…

UCaaS also offers bottom line benefits by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs. With UCaaS, you can control your IT budget, while providing your team with advanced features and functions. You’ll also improve the customer experience, making your communications seamless and efficient.

Here are five ways UCaaS can benefit your multi-site enterprise:

  • Hybrid Work Environments – UCaaS provides full office telephone functionality and business information access to remote users and hybrid workers, no matter where they are located.
  • Hot Desking – UCaaS enables staff members who are working in different offices to take their desktop phone with them. All they need is a code to access their customized desktop settings, making communication easier and more convenient.
  • Business Continuity – With UCaaS, employees can access the system from any location and redirect incoming calls on demand in the case of any disruption at any office.
  • Extended Contact Centers – UCaaS allows businesses to extend their call center coverage to remote offices or home-based agents. Calls are automatically routed to the most appropriate person, team, or location to improve customer service.
  • Improved Call Handling – UCaaS can improve call routing between different locations. For instance, if salespeople are out of the office meeting clients, their calls can be redirected to a backup location.

If you lead a multi-location enterprise, UCaaS is the perfect solution to bring your people together, improve communication and collaboration, and save on costs.

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