Looking for Unbiased Corporate Real Estate Services? Our Trusted Partner, Dan Shapiro, SVP of Cresa Can Help

Dan Shapiro supports TCI’s real estate needs and specializes in providing comprehensive services to every client. We highly recommend him if you need help with your corporate real estate.

Dan covers all the bases. He utilizes a strategic planning method that includes analyzing leases, providing sound market advice and managing negotiations of lease alternatives. By providing strategic real estate planning and comprehensive market coverage for you far in advance of your lease expiration dates, Dan has a track record of facilitating the best possible lease terms so you can get bottom-line savings for every project.

Dan’s Contact Info:
Daniel Shapiro, Senior Vice President, Cresa
301.841.6542 direct
240.485.4800 mobile

More about Cresa

Cresa is the world’s largest real estate provider exclusively committed to serving occupiers. Currently, Cresa services over 1,800 clients spanning 60+ industries in over 1,300 cities around the world. Cresa has 55 offices in North America alone and an additional 30 offices globally. Cresa was founded in 1993 by professionals with executive experience in corporate real estate. After years in the industry, their founders recognized that the existing commercial real estate model was broken and inherently unfair to occupiers. They set out to level the playing field, acting as unbiased advisors exclusively for corporate space users.

Cresa’s Differentiators in the Real Estate Marketplace

  • An unbiased advocate – Cresa was founded by corporate real estate executives who designed our services solely with the occupier’s needs in mind. We’re unbiased, uninfluenced by landlords. Everything we do is from your perspective – and to your advantage.
  • Structure – As a privately-owned firm, we can make adjustments quickly, easily scaling project teams or service offerings to suit your needs. To ensure excellence in service delivery, all projects are led by senior-level managers from beginning to end.
  • Integrated platform – Our service lines, each led by specialists in their field, are interconnected to enhance each part of your business. This ensures seamless delivery and, since we offer a complete package of talent and tools, eliminates the need to source multiple partners.
  • Transparency – The cornerstone of how we do business. In fact, our delivery model requires it. Transparency is what allows us to foster lasting, meaningful relationships with each other and with our clients.
  • People – Our greatest asset is our people. Lead by seasoned principals with years of experience, we hire selectively and incentivize continually. We pride ourselves on empowering our employees to act decisively and think innovatively.
  • Again, Dan knows commercial real estate and will look out for you. Once you’ve settled on your new space, keep TCI’s relocation experts in mind. We can help ensure your communications technology and IT infrastructure are ready to connect your business on Day One. Contact us at (703) 321-3030 or


Why Preparing for the Future of Your Communications Technology is Essential

When the communications systems you currently have work just fine, it can be easy to put off updating them until a later date or even indefinitely. But in a world where communications technology is evolving faster than ever, for growing businesses, the timeline for considering what’s next for your tech may be coming more quickly than you think.

Initially, it can be hard to leave the technology you have come to trust. When it came to smartphones, the new users eventually got more comfortable. They started texting and sharing pictures, and now they’re on video calls with family and friends. New communications technology led to new opportunities for our friends and family using their up-to-date smartphones.

In many ways, it’s the same for business owners. The ways people communicate since the pandemic began have changed. They had to, and businesses weren’t exempt from these changes. Suddenly capabilities that were thought of as “nice to have” became significant benefits to productivity and continuity, and in some cases, a lifeline.

However, people are resilient. Decision-makers found ways to keep their businesses running by adding capabilities for video collaboration, messaging, and mobility. While many plan to keep using them, some business owners have noted that these updates may not be compatible with their existing phone systems, and now have a mix of costly technology and software that isn’t integrated. What’s more, the next time a world or life event occurs that has the ability to disrupt business operations, they’ll have to make quick pivots once again.

Or maybe not, if you begin thinking about the future sooner rather than later.

Cloud communications solutions offer built-in features that growing businesses would previously have had to pay for separately, such as mobile applications, video calls, chat, and contact centers. Transitioning to a modern system allows businesses to streamline current technology needs, save time and money, cut down on complexity and create room to grow for whatever comes next.

Before they switched to smartphones, the flip phone holdouts missed out on a lot of shared messages, pictures and memories. When it comes to your business, does your current communications technology ensure that you won’t miss any of the big opportunities?

TCI is ready to assist you in preparing for the next phase of work with innovative communication and collaboration solutions. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or