Mitel Rolls Out IP Phones Protected with Antimicrobial Technology

TCI has been serving healthcare providers with innovative communication solutions for over 40 years. And the innovations continue…

With the increased awareness of health issues in office and home workplaces, Mitel has launched a series of IP phones built from plastics protected with antimicrobial technology. The phones feature surfaces that are treated with a silver-based compound that inhibits microbial growth by up to 99.9%.

The new Mitel 6920t and 6930t IP phones are designed to virtually eliminate the health risks associated with dirt, germ and grime collection, making the handsets easier to clean. In addition, Mitel removed the ribs on the back side of the handsets, removed crevices from the microphone grill, and hard-wired the cord to the handset to dispense with the jack receptacle.

The new business phones are also engineered with advanced tools for today’s power users. For example, the 6930t IP phone offers mobile device integration, which seamlessly connects mobile phone call audio, contact and call log information to the desktop phone, allowing calls to the mobile phone to be answered on the 6930t.

With Bluetooth functionality, many mobile phone features are also accessible on the desk phone, making the 6930t a great companion to the user’s smartphone.

As organizations continue to modernize and support new ways of working, they’re looking for solutions and devices that can do more, are simple to use, and easy to maintain. The Mitel 6920t and 6930t IP phones were created with this in mind, using antimicrobial technology and packed with features for powering productivity and collaboration, whether that takes place between traditional office walls and shared spaces or home offices.

The Mitel 6920t and 6930t antimicrobial IP phones are available now for installation and implementation by TCI. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or