Connecting Your Business IT Infrastructure with IaaS – Simplified Connectivity for Your Mobile Devices & Office Endpoints

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by TCI offers a simplified IT environment managed by our local experts. By opting for IaaS, you can streamline your operations and eliminate the complexities associated with purchasing and maintaining your own IT and network infrastructure.

Flexibility and Customization

You have the flexibility to retain control over specific aspects of your IT environment while entrusting TCI with the management of selected elements through IaaS. We offer end-to-end service, including:

  • Comprehensive setup, implementation, and testing
  • Continuous monitoring and support, including access to a 24×7 help desk
  • Regular upgrades incorporating the latest equipment advancements in network technologies
  • Certified networking expertise

TCI’s seasoned professionals make it easy.

From design and construction to testing, certification, and ongoing support, IaaS encompasses:

  • Managed Wi-Fi solutions for both in-building and campus-wide coverage
  • Data cabling for structured wiring inside and outside your premises
  • LAN/WAN connections and optimization for enhanced broadband performance
  • Seamless integration of mobile devices and office endpoints
  • Management of server rooms, data centers, and UPS systems

Cost-Effective Subscription Model

Instead of a significant upfront capital investment, TCI offers an affordable monthly subscription that covers all your connectivity requirements.

Proven Experience

With 40+ years of certified networking experience, TCI has the technical and project management expertise to support your improved IT infrastructure. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or

RingCentral MVP & Mitel Features You Need Now

Successful businesses always look for new ways to grow, including how to enable intelligent and connected experiences for their mobile and hybrid workforces. An up-to-date cloud communication system like RingCentral MVP can help you implement these priorities. Check out these recent innovations…

Top 10 Latest RingCentral Software Updates

1. End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) available for video, is being extended to RingCentral MVP phone and messaging. For 1:1 conversations or groups of up to 50 participants, E2EE ensures that no 3rd party can access your confidential conversations or recordings.

2. Enhancements to the RingCentral Desktop Phone app experience make access to the dial pad and calling even easier. Use the phone app in standalone mode to enable multitasking with other apps on your screen.

3. Zero Touch Provisioning with Mitel phones enables Mitel phones to register with RingCentral MVP service for faster and easier re-deployments.

4. Device as a Service delivers reduced upfront cost and quicker hardware upgrades for RingCentral Rooms hardware and headsets.

5. SMS enhancements provide immediate error alerts for undelivered SMS messages and export and print SMS options to ensure regulatory compliance.

6. New eFax capabilities include new print-to-fax so you can send a fax the same way you send a document to the printer. New scan-to-fax options allow you to scan a document and send it as an eFax.

7. Advance Meeting Insights provide essential information covered in a meeting, including a written summary, keywords, a video highlight reel, and the entire transcript and recording.

8. RingCentral Webinar enhancements include the ability to run polls to engage participants better and get feedback, and now support the ability to start private host/panel debriefs to recap post-meeting.

9. App Gallery ratings and reviews empower users to share information on useful RingCentral integrations and provide third-party developers with valuable feedback on integration enhancement ideas.

10. European Union (EU) data privacy enhancements such that RingCentral MVP customers that sign up in the EU will have all their data remain in the EU infrastructure, securely stored in EU data centers.

RingCentral Migration Enhancements for Mitel Customers

It’s easy to migrate from Mitel to RingCentral MVP with seamless transfers of customer profiles, call flows, and the use of existing Mitel phones. More enhancements to the migration process continue to roll out…

Mitel IP400 Series Phones Certification: IP400 devices completed certification with RingCentral MVP in December 2022, in addition to the Mitel 6800 and 6900 series devices that were already certified.

  • API-enabled Advanced Features for Mitel-certified Devices: The following features will be supported initially on the Mitel 6920, 6930, and 6940 phones, with expansion to other phones in future releases.
  • Unlike local call logs on the phone, server-based call logs utilize a RingCentral server-based logging feature that shares log data from all users’ clients and devices for a combined view of call activity.
  • Server-based Personal Contacts, as opposed to local contacts, utilize a RingCentral server-based feature enabling users to add, edit, delete, and synchronize contacts across multiple devices and clients.
  • Server-based Do Not Disturb (DND) communicates the DND status to other clients and updates the presence status for use with the Monitored Extension feature. As a result, the server-based user setting for DND will reflect busy presence status.
  • Visual voicemail gives users a graphical way to view and manage voicemails. Utilizing a server-based architecture, voicemails are captured, stored, and able to be played on all the users’ devices and clients.

Video: See how RingCentral MVP can empower your people

TCI is always here to support you in the planning and execution of any of your communications technology decisions. Before you make the leap, let’s talk about your migration plans: (703) 321-3030 or


Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers Single-Source Broadband, SIP, Access & WAN Services?

Business communications and carrier services are no longer just a ‘required’ cost of doing business.  In today’s competitive landscape, optimized communications services are a competitive advantage.

As your trusted IT and Telecom services advocate, TCI helps you select, source and implement what you need at the best prices:

  • Broadband Internet Access
  • SIP Trunking
  • Metro Ethernet, MPLS, Dedicated WAN Services
  • Wireless and Mobile Services
  • Local & Long Distance, PRI, POTS 
  • Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

Better Solutions, Pricing and Support

TCI thoroughly reviews your services, invoices, agreements and providers while evaluating your spending to find better deals and uncover savings. We stay current on the service providers and what they offer. To help you avoid service problems, we act as your representative and work with only the most dependable carriers and providers.

At TCI, our top-most concern is you.

  • Save Time – Comparison-shopping can be time consuming. Contacting various providers and working through the quoting process can be overwhelming.  Let TCI do the work for you so you can focus on your core business.
  • Single Point of Contact – We can be your 1-call for both hardware and carrier services.
  • Reduce Costs – We can secure the best pricing when shopping for new or existing services
  • We are Carrier Neutral…  We recommend the best providers and services for your unique requirements.

Contact us today to schedule a complementary Broadband and Carrier Services consultation: ( 703) 321-3030 or