Office Move in Your Future? Head Off Delays & Extra Costs… Engage Our Relocation Team Now

TCI experts are ready to team up with your real estate people, building manager, and architect to protect your business from last-minute expedites or unexpected change-order costs.

We excel in providing broadband services and network infrastructure – wired and wireless – on time and on budget.

Our certified engineers and technicians have decades of experience supporting businesses in every environment, including Banks, Commercial Offices, Healthcare, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality, Schools, and more.

When you need to manage a new building, a renovation, or a campus addition, get us involved months in advance.

TCI handles everything – We design, install, test, certify, manage, and maintain your entire infrastructure, which may include:

  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Coverage RF Testing
  • Optimized Coverage Maps
  • Access Points | Placement and Cabling
  • Wireless Security
  • Testing and Certification
  • Inside & Outside Cabling
  • Rack and Cabinet Layout, Design, Installation
  • Pathway and Conduit Design, Installation
  • Fiber Optic Design, Installation, Testing
  • Copper Design, Installation, Testing
  • CAD, Documentation, Labeling
  • Testing and Certification
  • Ongoing Support

We’ve been supporting the DC region’s infrastructure projects for 40+ years… Contact TCI at (703) 321-3030 or

Expansion or Move on the Horizon? Your Technology Plan Needs to be Priority 1

Whether you’re faced with relocating the company headquarters or adding a new office, ensuring a successful Day One requires that you plan ahead – especially when it comes to office technology.

Engage your local TCI relocation experts well ahead of your move date – keeping in mind that some services can take as long as six months to deliver.

Some of the technologies you need to consider and plan for may include:

  • Voice, Data, and Video services and platforms
  • Wired and Wireless infrastructure
  • Audio/Video and Conferencing Systems
  • Room Scheduling, Overhead Paging, and Sound Masking
  • Access and Security systems
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

Technology done right takes planning, time, and coordination with ALL the relevant trades involved in your move or new space, including HVAC to protect your IT equipment and UPS to keep your systems running when commercial power fails.

Let TCI experts manage the details. We have decades of experience supporting business and public sector clients in every type of facility…

  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial | Manufacturing
  • Warehouse | Distribution
  • Secure Facilities
  • Retail & Branch Locations

TCI’s certified network engineers are ready to coordinate everything… We’ll work with your real estate professional, general contractor, project manager, designer, and architect to ensure that all technology requirements are included in their plans so you don’t get stuck with expensive and time-consuming change requests.

We’re ready to design, build, manage, and support your technology. Contact us today: (703) 321-3030 or