Simplify Your Technology and Your Life… Get to Know TCI’s Managed Support Plans

Engaging an experienced, local technology partner brings a large pool of experts and technical resources to your business. TCI can help you take on any IT or Voice Communications challenge that comes your way, including upgrades, migrations, and relocations. We can even polish up and test your business continuity plans, so your organization doesn’t skip a beat during an emergency.

Full-Service Support

At TCI, keeping you connected is our top priority. We utilize best-in-class monitoring products to address any network problems detected. Our customers come first. TCI guarantees a timely response time and includes a primary technical consultant who visits your site multiple times a year, ensuring that your network is functioning at the highest level. TCI offers a comprehensive portfolio of resources necessary to install, integrate or upgrade new and existing communication networks.

Proactive Monitoring… Helping you maintain a healthy network

We take the steps necessary to monitor your networks, making sure they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The steps taken to ensure the best in proactive monitoring include:

  • Monitoring of servers, networks, and pre-approved third-party backup solution/services
  • Guaranteed repair response time
  • Providing a primary technical consultant
  • Providing a business solutions consultant

As Needed, Prepaid Support… Flexibility when you need it most

TCI offers IT support on an as-needed basis with a flexible plan that supports budget control and cost savings. Time purchased through Prepaid Support can be used for any purpose, including project assistance, technology implementation, repairs, consulting, planning, and reviews. Here’s what else you get:

  • Guaranteed timely response time
  • A primary technical consultant
  • First-attempt offsite repair
  • Renewal notification when available time balance falls to 20%

Ad hoc Support…

Our ad hoc support is ideal for businesses and organizations with their own IT staff that may require occasional support to compensate for vacations, sick days, personal days, and unforeseen challenges. This level of support allows you to utilize TCI as often as needed. We offer the best in specialized expertise, project assistance, or development help whenever you need it. Ad hoc services include:

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
  • Changing and/or upgrading hardware and software
  • Moving or adding new site locations
  • Monitoring networks and servers

Expand, upgrade, or integrate new technologies to improve your business and simplify your life… Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or