Safeguard Your People & Property with Emergency Mass Notifications

Your business can experience serious disruptions from a variety of sources:  power outages, fire, flood, icy roads and severe weather, to name just a few. Having a well-defined response plan and utilizing the proper technology to communicate with your employees is vital for dealing effectively with these and other emergency situations.

Emergency notification systems are available in a variety of technologies…

  • Paging messages and announcements can be automated, pre-recorded and ready for use or utilized in real-time. The right paging system should work with phones, speakers or traditional PA systems. Syn-Apps, for example, is a notification solution that tightly integrates with Mitel’s phone systems.
  • Real-time Alerts can be used for desktop notifications to employees or used to make phone calls to connected users. They can even be used in conjunction with beacons or digital signage for visual notifications.
  • Integrated Solutions take advantage of advanced IVR (interactive voice response) solutions with your phone system. You can use specific phone numbers or prompts to route calls based on caller inquiry and update recorded messages with pertinent information. Your staff won’t need to answer redundant questions, and they can efficiently deal with the situation at hand.
  • Conference Bridges – Specific bridges can be used during emergency situations for immediate conferencing with remote users and offices. The use of mobile apps and desktop applications allow users to quickly and easily join, resulting in faster response and updates.

In an emergency, you don’t want to waste time recording messages or figuring out system configurations. Prepare, plan and be ready… Reach out to TCI to start discussing your options. Contact us today: (703) 321-3030 or