Get to know ‘CloudLink’… Mitel’s On-Ramp to an IoT and Cloud Future

We want you to be ready when Mitel’s innovative ‘CloudLink’ comes online, so as news breaks look for more updates from us. ‘CloudLink’ will be a focal point of Mitel’s product roadmap moving into 2018, and we like what we’re hearing.

At a high level, the CloudLink vision is to provide:

  • A bridge to enable any Mitel call control platform to interface with cloud-based applications
  • Access to vertically-focused micro applications
  • An aggregation point for IoT sensors that can trigger communications actions or responses
  • APIs for third-party developers for use in creating applications
  • A zero-code application development environment that non-programmers can use to create apps
  • An integration point for third-party cloud apps like Salesforce, Zapier, and If-This-Then-That using call control signaling and notification in the workflow

CloudLink’s architecture has two elements: a CloudLink gateway device connected to the Mitel Next platform running in Amazon’s cloud (AWS). The gateway can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. CloudLink enables signaling protocols from a mix of PBXs – different makes and models – to be normalized so there is only one common signaling and messaging protocol between the gateway and the Mitel Next Platform.

Mitel CloudLink architecture showing integration with on-premises and cloud-based call control

What’s in it for me?

CloudLink will enable an instant on-ramp to cloud-based app consumption. You won’t be limited to using Mitel-created apps. With CloudLink, you’ll be able to build your own apps, communications-enabled processes, and IoT-enabled processes.

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Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers SD-WAN Services to Connect Your Business?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks enable businesses to take more control of their connectivity. Now you can make your remote and branch office connections faster, more cost-effective and ready to support new market opportunities.

Paired with gigabit speed broadband connections, SD-WAN can help overcome the bandwidth, scalability, and cost concerns common with legacy MPLS networks.

Benefits of SD-WAN Delivered by TCI

  • Performance optimization – Scalable pipeline and intelligent path selection will improve network performance enterprise-wide.
  • Greater throughput and reliability – Application-aware routing protocols let your network adjust to demands in network traffic.
  • Better control – Handle tasks like pushing policies to branch locations and launching new sites remotely from a central location.
  • Network visibility – Through a self-service portal, SD-WAN offers better network visibility, with application-level insights.
  • Cost savings – With intelligent software substituting for hardware functionality, you can save as expensive hardware is phased out or consolidated.

Deploying an SD-WAN solution is not a fork-lift replacement. Our experts can help you gradually ease into a SD-WAN. There’s no need to immediately sacrifice existing investments in current networking infrastructure.

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A TCI Technology & Business Review gets you prepared for the new year, whether you’re considering Digital Transformation, IoT, Disaster Recovery, IT Security, Cloud, or Managed Services.

Not sure about the latest innovations or apps?  We’ll get you up to speed so your business can connect more easily and your people can be more productive than ever with the latest tools.

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Is Your Wireless Network as Fast as Your Best People?

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices, every business is adapting to keep up with more devices, access points, bandwidth, and the latest high-speed IEEE 802.11 standards. Secure Wireless LANs allow your employees and visitors to work anywhere in your building or campus, with convenient, worry-free access to the Internet or your local IT resources.

The freedom of a wireless workplace is critical to the success of businesses today. TCI eliminates the consequences caused by a poorly performing wireless network by implementing it right the first time, and providing the ongoing support you need to maximize the potential of your network connectivity.

We work on your behalf to guarantee the seamless functionality and resilient performance of your wireless infrastructure. From growing offices, to large corporate enterprises, we can design, implement and maintain the wireless network that will keep your business connected and running strong.

We make wireless easy

TCI delivers WLAN network projects on time, tested and ready to support seamless mobile access. Our experts manage all the details…

  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Coverage RF Testing
  • Optimized Coverage Maps
  • Access Points | Placement and Cabling
  • Wireless Security
  • Testing and Certification

Whether you need Wi-Fi in a new building or across your campus, TCI has the experience and expertise to get your busness where it needs to be.

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