The Customer Business Review (aka: CBR) is back and better than ever! 

Customer Business Review (CBR) is back and earlier this year, we started a proactive calling campaign to once again schedule these all important Customer Business Reviews. These 60-minute sessions are an opportunity for us to learn more about your business goals and needs, get feedback on our product roadmap, and share best practices.

Over the next several months, one of our Customer Service Managers will be reaching out to our customers to schedule your next (or first) CBR, so please be on the lookout for that and let us know if there are any specific topics you would like us to cover.

For our customers, it’s an opportunity to:

  • Conduct a business review to include a discussion about your business plans for the next six months to two years, and how TCI might contribute to the objectives.
  • Review historical results and metrics
  • Leverage new features & capabilities

For TCI, it is our goal to:

  • Build relationships with our customers, particularly with new stakeholders
  • Ensure customers are achieving their business & technology goals

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