A Note from Dan Testa

After 36 years as President & CEO of TCI, I have decided to retire and transfer ownership of the company to Tom Cornbrooks.

First, I would like to thank all of you, our valued clients, partners and friends, for your business, loyalty and continued support over the past several years.  Without all of you, TCI would not have achieved the level of success we continue to enjoy.  And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Second, my decision to transfer ownership to Tom is in your best interest.  Here’s why.  Tom has been with TCI over 28 years and has been very instrumental in our success.  Many of you know Tom.  His values, knowledge of the industry and how to best serve you, are key factors that will help drive your success.  As your partner, Tom will continue to explore new and more cost effective ways to help you accomplish your goals and improve your bottom line.

Lastly, Tom has asked me to stay involved for the next two years in an Executive Advisory capacity. Therefore, I will still be working with Tom and his Senior Management team to ensure the overall success in several areas. You can still reach me at testad@tcicomm.com or (703) 321-3030.


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