What to Look for in a Secure Senior Living Community or Hotel UC Solution

Caregiving, Hospitality and Security go hand in hand… Every resident in a Senior Living Community has unique needs, just as the hospitality industry strives to offer personalized experiences to every guest.

No business can afford to lose the confidence of its customers, but lost confidence comes at an even higher cost when families have placed their loved ones in your care – and every hotel guest expects to be as secure as they are in their homes.

Yet the reality is that senior living communities and hospitality providers have a lot to focus on behind the scenes to deliver that level of security.

  • Cybersecurity efforts include preventing data breaches from outside the corporate network (including data stored in the cloud) and protecting residents and guests from man-in-the-middle attacks and other forms of phishing and espionage when using the property’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Then there is the physical security of residents and guests, which can be enhanced through digital keycards and IP-based security cameras.
  • Real-time security during emergencies is another critical consideration, involving everything from real-time text alerts to ensuring that 911 services work in every room or location.
  • Finally, there is the simple right to private communications, from encrypted voice calls to messages immediately erased when a guest checks out of a hotel.

What to Look for in a Senior Living or Hospitality UC Solution

While no single vendor can address all security touchpoints, it’s essential to partner with providers that are vigilant in bringing the latest security technologies and compliance requirements to bear on their solutions.

When you choose unified communications (UC) and voice solutions, whether a single phone or a complete UC platform, you should be assured that those solutions meet the most stringent security standards for your industry:

  • The best solutions meet the compliance requirements for both Kari’s Law, which mandates that every multi-line telephone system (MLTS) can easily make 911 calls from any phone, and the Ray Baum Act, which ensures that location information such as room number is passed on to emergency dispatchers during a 911 call.
  • During emergencies, a mass notification messaging solution supporting real-time alerts via multiple possible outlets (desktop messaging, email, text, billboard signage, paging, voice-activated loudspeakers, mobile or SIP-DECT) keeps residents, guests, and staff safe and informed.
  • Details matter… Most cyberattacks and data breaches are the results of little things that were overlooked, from outdated software to setting up weak security passwords.

Residents and guests deserve great accommodations and excellent service. If they don’t feel safe, they won’t be comfortable, and they may not return.

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Financial organizations must innovate to compete, which is why you need to plan ahead – and stay ahead – of emerging technology trends.

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Improve Your Technology Performance with High-Speed Cabling & Wireless Networks

TCI has 40+ years of experience designing, building, and maintaining flexible cable and wireless infrastructures that support voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems…

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And Wireless Solutions…

We extend your cable infrastructure with Secure Wi-Fi to allow your employees to work anywhere in your building or campus with convenient, worry-free access to the Internet or your local IT resources. Our Wireless team covers it all…

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TCI Experts Manage All the Details

Whether you need to connect a new building, renovate a space, or bring more mobility to your business, TCI has the experience and expertise to deliver your cable and wireless projects on time and within budget.

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Acquiring an enterprise-level phone system typically requires a hefty CAPEX investment or lease. But now TCI offers a budget-friendly way to simplify your Communication and Collaboration needs as a predictable OPEX subscription.

Why Subscribe to TCI Hosted Voice?

  • Only pay for the number of users you have now – scale up and down as needed
  • The latest software/security updates are included
  • Deployment flexibility – You can choose the best arrangement for your needs: On-Prem, Private Cloud, or Public Cloud
  • Choose your calling, collaboration, video, and contact center user features and permissions
  • Make budgeting predictable and reduce your upfront costs

TCI deploys the precise mix of communication, collaboration, and contact center applications you need – without the big upfront price tag.

  • No need to combine tools from multiple vendors – TCI delivers an end-to-end on-site phone and unified communications solution from a single provider.
  • Mobile-first IP Desktop Phones – we support a range of devices with exceptional HD audio quality, one-touch Bluetooth pairing, and seamless integration with your mobile phone.
  • Flexible, Easy-to-Manage Platform – Web-Based Management ensures administrators can deploy a multi-site solution from their web browser.

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Excellent Voice Quality is Critical for Hybrid Work

In our current ‘work from anywhere’ world, a good chunk of the population has come to rely on smartphone apps and softphones to stay connected. This means delivering the best Voice Quality (VQ) possible has never been more critical.

For IT teams, guessing the VQ user experience can be like flying in the dark. You think it is ok, but do you know how users are actually experiencing their VQ? If a user complains about VQ, can you quickly determine the root cause? Can you measure the severity and impact of that poor quality?

3 Reasons why delivering good VQ in a hybrid work world can be challenging…

1. Inconsistent Technology – With some employees working from home and others in the office, there can be inconsistencies in the technology used for communication, including several different platforms and devices. Add apps and softphones to the mix, and gaining visibility into performance takes a lot of work.

2. Connectivity Issues – Remote workers may experience connectivity issues due to poor internet connections, leading to delays or dropped calls, which can affect the quality of the call. Finding workarounds to poor performance is very common and can include dropping videos, not sharing, and even resorting to a cell phone to complete a call.

3. Lack of Environmental Control – When employees are in different locations, it can be challenging to control their work environment. For example, they may need access to high-quality microphones or headsets in certain situations. In other cases, the environment can be a challenge, from a noisy open workplace to parents working from home with children or a remote worker trying to take a meeting in a crowded coffee shop.

The consequence of all these issues is poorer interaction and an opportunity lost to close a ticket or make a deal properly. VQ is not only about user satisfaction or comfort but also about user productivity and business efficiency and success.

You can take steps to mitigate these challenges and improve the hybrid work VQ experience with Mitel’s MPA Tools…

  • Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) – This fault and performance management solution proactively monitors and manages your entire network. Its deep analytics can help answer any question that you might have about overall performance and VQ. It can also quickly identify VQ and network quality concerns before business-affecting outages arise.
  • Extended VQ Monitoring for Quick Troubleshooting – MPA includes deep VQ cause visualization capabilities that include VQ correlation graphs that quickly point you toward the root cause of a problem, allowing you to spot trends. Detailed reports help quickly identify and assess VQ. Reports demonstrate performance and help with forecasting, planning, and load balancing. MPA also delivers detailed information that can be easily shared with key stakeholders, including in-depth reporting for softphone VQ in MPA Plus.
  • MPA Plus – This tier ensures that mobile and desktop MiCollab softphone VQ are captured in MPA. This data is fully integrated into the existing MPA VQ analysis and reports. MiCollab Mobile Clients (Android, iOS) and MiCollab Desktop Client (Windows or MAC) are supported. MPA includes VQ cause visualization trunk traffic and MiCollab audio, web, and video (AWV) utilization reports to beef up capacity for better performance. These reports are easily downloaded and shared, and you can also see usage reports for AWV.

Download the Mitel MPA Brochure here

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