Hey, Did You Know TCI Can Perform a Complete Network Assessment & Performance Analysis for Your Business?

Do you know what’s on your network today and how well everything is performing? If you haven’t conducted an assessment recently, you may not know… If your network is operating at peak performance. What systems or applications are hogging resources. How to prioritize traffic so apps run smoothly. To what extent unauthorized software and apps […]

TCI Host – Powered by Mitel – 6 Reasons to Bring Your Communications & Collaboration into the Cloud

Bring your communications and collaboration platform into the cloud for better mobility, quality, simplicity and reliability – all at a lower cost than a premises-based system. Add offices, users and features easily to grow and customize your communications for a true competitive advantage. And there are more practical business reasons to make the move to […]

Mitel’s Deal to Acquire ShoreTel – on the Heels of Toshiba Purchase – Creates UC Powerhouse

Following its July 5th purchase of Toshiba Telecom, Mitel entered into a merger agreement with ShoreTel. This is big news for Mitel and its partners. As digital transformation accelerates customer demand for cloud-based solutions, Mitel is now positioned as the #2 global player in the UC market. The acquisitions have also expanded Mitel’s leading portfolio […]

Real-time, Anytime… How MiTeam for MiCollab Offers Your Teams an Easier, Better Way to Collaborate

Mitel’s innovative MiTeam app integrates with your MiCollab online collaboration tools to provide a dedicated workspace for team-based meetings, conversations, and content sharing. Designed for a workforce on the go, the embedded app seamlessly extends your company’s mobile reach to remote team members, and it connects teams of any size, even with real-time voice and […]

Make Your Upcoming Move Smoother with TCI Relocation Services

Moving? Expanding? Need the Job Done Right? When moving you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure your communication system and networks are in place and ready to go. Working with TCI takes the hassles out of a big move We ensure your technology gets the attention it deserves. We’ll assess your new space, and help […]

Hey, Did You Know TCI Can Design, Build and Manage a Faster Wireless Infrastructure?

Whether indoor, outdoor or campus-wide, wireless technologies are becoming the first choice for all our communications… The freedom of a wireless workplace is critical to the success of businesses today. At TCI, we eliminate the slowdowns caused by a poorly performing wireless network. We do it right the first time, and provide the ongoing support […]

How Mitel-Powered Contact Centers are Evolving to Improve the Customer Experience

While voice-based channels remain the primary communication method with customers today, consumers are increasingly expecting, even demanding, to interact with companies through alternate methods such as text, web chat, email and other social media tools. This means that every company MUST become as fluent in these emerging media channels as they are with voice communications […]

Phone Systems in the Cloud vs. On-Premises vs. Hybrid Deployments

Phone systems have traditionally been deployed on-site, but the lure of the Cloud is strong. Many multi-site businesses are now using a hybrid combination of both… deploying an on-premises system at headquarters and Cloud solutions for the branch offices – all interconnected and centrally managed in a hybrid arrangement. Click here for Mitel’s helpful Decision […]

Ensuring Your LAN Can Support Crystal Clear Voice & High Speed Broadband

With voice and data converging in today’s IT environments, you need a technology partner with the know-how to implement and maintain a unified network that can handle everything you throw at it. Whether you are implementing VoIP, SIP or UC on your LAN, the success of the deployment hinges not only on the system you […]

Need an Avaya Escape Hatch? More Reasons to Go with Mitel & TCI

Avaya filed for Chapter 11 protection in January. If you’re an Avaya customer or were considering one of their systems, Mitel and TCI are ready to help. Ready for Tomorrow With any Mitel solution, your investment is future-ready, even as you grow or decide to shift from on-premises to cloud communications. Mitel’s expansive portfolio of […]

Hey, Did You Know TCI Offers Professionally Designed Sound Masking Solutions?

What is Sound Masking? Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area to reduce distractions or provide confidentiality where needed. The sound is typically introduced through speakers installed in or above the ceiling. The sound is […]

Digital Transformation: Understanding the Digital Imperative

A major challenge for businesses in every industry is how to maintain and increase competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Companies can no longer simply differentiate their products and services along a single dimension – like price, features, quality, and support. Except for commodity goods and services, the lowest price doesn’t guarantee a sale, poor […]