Goodbye Silos… How TCI Advantage Brings Everything Together

There are a lot of companies out there selling standalone communications solutions, but many miss the mark, falling short when they fail to get to know your business in depth – your user environment, business requirements or history.

What sets our approach apart is that the TCI Advantage starts with a holistic suite of capabilities, combined with a fully trained, customer-focused and experienced staff of professionals. We wrap all of that with a Discovery and Assessment Process that ensures EVERY client engagement exceeds expectations.

TCI’s comprehensive portfolio is designed to cover every aspect of Business Communications, Networking, Support, Infrastructure, and Security…

TCI Host: Our Enterprise-class Cloud Communications Solution features UCaaS, bringing together the power of Mitel’s VMware-supported, feature rich software into a high availability Cloud environment. Paired together, this solution delivers the flexibility and reliability of the Cloud with all the advanced UC features you need to connect your business. Learn more

TCI Connect: Providing a three-pronged approach combining our comprehensive Net360 Network Assessment, Remediation & Onboarding Process, and SLA-based Maintenance and Network Monitoring, we ensure your Network Infrastructure is not only ready for your deployment, but will operate as expected for years to come. Learn more

TCI Manage: We release you and your overburdened teams from day-to-day network monitoring, backup, reporting and management tasks. At the same time, we’ll increase the performance of your network – while uncovering savings too. Learn more

TCI Secure: Rest easy with our multi-layered security solutions. We manage a broad array of Next Generation Firewall and Management products from SonicWall, End-point Security from Cylance, as well as Patch Management, Wireless Security and Backup/Recovery from industry leaders. Learn more

Find out how TCI Advantage breaks down the silos and brings everything together to simplify your life and empower your teams. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


6 Easy Steps to Prevent Phone Hacking

Phone hacking, also known as “phreaking” costs businesses billions of dollars every year.

Decades ago, hackers accessed the public telephone network using a series of tones input via a “blue box” to fool Ma Bell into allowing them to make free long distance calls.  Now hackers can access phone systems through voicemail ports to make free international calls.

The good news is that there are simple measures you can take to ensure your phone system stays well protected.

  • When installing new equipment, always change the access credentials from the default settings.
  • Never use easy passwords such as 1234.
  • Routinely review itemized telephone invoices for any anomalies.
  • Ask your service provider about their fraud monitoring policy.
  • If you have more than one administrator accessing the telephone system, make sure they use unique access credentials.
  • Whenever staff members leave the organization, immediately disable their access credentials.

Your phone and IT systems are essential to your daily operations. Set up time with TCI to talk about implementing best-practice security measures for your business.

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New Mitel Speakerphone: MiVoice S720 brings Bluetooth Simplicity & HD Audio to Your Meetings and Conference Calls

A perfect solution for office side-table and small meeting room conferencing, the MiVoice S720 can instantly transform any space into a conference room. Thanks to its 360° microphone pickup and omni-directional HD Voice audio all attendees can hear and be heard.

Mitel adds flexibility and performance to Conference Call gatherings…

  • Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect in seconds to your MiVoice 6900 IP series phones.
  • Never run out of battery and talk all day with up to 15 hours of talk time. Battery powered with USB charging.
  • While hands-free, participants can take notes, share files and continue to work during calls.
  • Play music from a mobile phone with auto stop when an incoming call goes to the desk phone.
  • Functionally integrated with desk phone: volume / mute sync, pulling call to / from conference phone.

Portable design for the road warrior

Featuring a lightweight design, the S720 comes with a protective travel pouch so users can take the speakerphone on the road with them and leverage the Mitel MiCollab Softphone for hotel room or other on-the-go conference calls.

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A Fresh Look at Skills-Based Routing in your Contact Center to Improve the Customer Experience

The concept of skills-based routing has been around for as long as there have been call centers – connecting in-bound callers directly to the subject matter experts that can get the job done right on the first call.

New considerations driven by Digital Transformation

Historically, when businesses thought about skills-based routing in their call centers, they typically would organize their groups, and their skills, based on the line of business that the agent would be answering for, or the product line that the agent had expertise to handle. But, in fact, there’s a wide variety of skills that also need to be considered, such as:

  • Business skills like ordering, fulfillment, support and services
  • Industry skills like specialized training or certifications
  • Language skills
  • Passive soft skills
  • Authority for escalations

The Essential Role of Text, Email & Social Media in your Contact Center

In addition to connecting customers to the right people, you’ll want to enable your team to interact with customers over their preferred media. You can exploit new digital communication technologies to improve the customer experience by adding email and web chat interactions, as well as SMS and social media messaging. Of course, all of this adds layers of complexity as you begin enabling new tools and programming routing workflows.

Let TCI simplify the process

Our experts can show you how holistic skills-based routing – enhanced with the latest digital communication technologies – can empower your call center to serve your customers better than ever. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


Hey, Did You Know TCI Can Perform a Complete Network Assessment & Performance Analysis for Your Business?

Do you know what’s on your network today and how well everything is performing?

If you haven’t conducted an assessment recently, you may not know…

  • If your network is operating at peak performance.
  • What systems or applications are hogging resources.
  • How to prioritize traffic so apps run smoothly.
  • To what extent unauthorized software and apps have been added to your systems.
  • If your current systems and networks are still meeting your business goals.

Before we get into the technology…

We want to meet with you and learn all about where your business is heading and the challenges you face. Then our engineers will perform a comprehensive review of your systems and networks. Along the way, they’ll look for ways to make things better, smarter, and more secure.

We’ll give you an unbiased assessment of what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change for you to achieve your goals, including a technology roadmap your business can follow to stay up to speed.

Don’t put up with business as usual. Contact us today at: (703) 321-3030 or