Keeping Your Networks Up to Speed with the Latest Wi-Fi Standards

Wi-Fi is the Preferred Connectivity Method for Billions of Devices, Users, and Things

This year you’ll be hearing more about Wi-Fi 7, the latest wireless networking standard promising higher speed connections. Currently, Wi-Fi 6 tops out at 9.6 Gbps, while Wi-Fi 7 is anticipated to clock in at 46 Gbps. As always, early adopters will pay a premium for the added horsepower.

Wi-Fi 6 Support

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 6 offers affordable, fast connections with more range and supports more devices than its predecessors. For starters, Wi-Fi 6 – also known as 802.11ax Wi-Fi – delivers nearly 4 times the speed of 802.11ac, while offering more efficient operation, tighter security, better ease of use, self-deployment, and long-term compatibility. It also provides a more reliable user experience in areas of high demand.

Wireless Made Easy

For growing offices to large corporate enterprises or campuses, TCI designs, implements and maintains wireless networks that keep our DC region customers connected and running strong. Our expertise includes:

  • Wireless heat maps and site surveys
  • Network design, Access Point deployments, and testing
  • Wireless security
  • Wireless network management

TCI’s Managed Wi-Fi Service

Simplify and speed up your day-to-day operations. Our Managed Wi-Fi puts powerful tools in the hands of your network administrators:

  • Add wireless capacity in minutes with fully automatic provisioning
  • Manage complex, dynamic environments using Auto RF
  • Throttle bandwidth and block unauthorized applications
  • Streamline device onboarding with built-in Mobile Device Management

Whatever your environment and business goals, TCI can design, deploy, and support a wireless solution for you. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


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