Tips and Best Practices for Running Your Next Virtual Event

When social distancing brought in-person events and conferences to a screeching halt in early March, meeting organizers needed an alternate solution for the long term. Virtual events became the obvious choice, and many companies reworked their calendars and plans to launch digital conferences, workshops and meetings.

3 Essential Elements for a Successful Virtual Event…

  • Content – Plan to offer a variety of sessions that appeal to all levels of your audience. Some attendees may want to hear about the company strategy and attend roadmap sessions, while others want to talk to product experts. Some want to focus on expanding their skill set through training classes. Your content should be broad and deep enough to appeal to all types of attendees.
  • Balance – The second element is striking the right balance between static content and live engagement. You want to create a sense of energy, even though the event is virtual. Announcements and notifications of what’s coming up next keep traffic flowing and attendees engaged.
  • Planning – Most importantly, you need a strong project manager. With the exception of live sessions, almost everything is pre-loaded in a virtual environment. This means it’s critical to hit deadlines and the project manager plays a vital role in ensuring that everything loads on time.

Successful virtual events also need sufficient bandwidth and adaptable online collaboration tools to get – and keep – everyone connected. Your technology needs to support the different types of media, messaging and engagement options you’ll want to offer in order to maintain your attendees’ focus and interest.

Ensure your broadband and collaboration tools can support the virtual events in your future. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or

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