Migrating to the Cloud in Five Simple Steps

A future with more features, better reliability and less maintenance awaits you with Cloud Voice services. This simple guide outlines the five steps to activating your new communications system.

Step 1 – Needs Assessment

  • Discuss your unique needs with us so we both understand all requirements you may have or critical systems that need special attention.
  • Review and document any differences between your new cloud service and your current system including updating business processes or workflows that leverage your existing system.

Step 2 – Demonstration

  • Schedule a time with TCI for a Cloud Voice demonstration so you can see the service in action and ask questions.

Step 3 – Migration

  • Review technical requirements and system design that fit the unique needs of your business as determined in the needs assessment.
  • Confirm compatibility with third-party applications and validate integrations.
  • Export user data and configurations from your legacy system.
  • Configure network and firewalls in accordance with best practices.

Step 4 – Number Porting

  • Sign LOA to port DIDs and Toll-Free numbers to your new service.
  • Set up new phones with temporary DIDs for UAT in preparation for cut-over data.

Step 5 – Cut-Over

  • Activate system using ported DIDs.
  • Download and install client communications and collaboration software.

At every step of the way, we’ll be working with you to answer any questions you have and ensure a smooth transition.

Now that you know the five simple steps to migrate to the cloud with TCI, let’s begin the process. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or info@tcicomm.com.


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