Phone System Connections… SIP Trunks & Choosing Your Next Provider

If your business is still running old-school network connections like PRI or analog lines, now is the time to consider what virtual SIP trunks can do for you.

SIP Trunks offer a number of benefits over outdated network services. Get cost savings, increased flexibility to support a distributed workforce, and added business continuity. By running everything over the Internet, you’re able to gain cloud benefits with your current onsite phone system and increase operational efficiency.

Here are a few things to consider as you look at different SIP providers…

  • Support for Future Needs & Growth – If your business is expecting growth or you experience seasonal fluctuations in call volume, SIP Trunks are a great way to save time and money. You can add trunks as needed so you’re able to manage resources more efficiently. SIP Trunks also improve business continuity by delivering built-in redundancy and automatic failover destinations. With legacy connectivity solutions, if something happens to your hard lines, you likely don’t have multiple carriers at your fingertips for backup.
  • Resiliency & Redundancy – SIP Trunks can be delivered over multiple paths and/or sites. No longer do you have to tolerate downtime because the Carrier has a circuit issue. TCI can move the SIP Trunks to an alternate path or an alternate site and keep your service up and running until the primary path is fixed.
  • Performance with Other Communications Solutions – Knowing how your SIP Trunking solution will perform with your other communications solutions is critical to ensure clear call quality and dependable uptime. Older connectivity solutions aren’t optimized to work with modern UC solutions so the connectivity may not perform as well as it could. Make sure your SIP provider is aware of your current communications solutions, so you are properly configured for success.
  • Complexity, Maintenance & Effort Required – As you evaluate virtual trunks, keep in mind the amount of time you spend maintaining your current solution. Determine how much goes into scaling, configuring, and budgeting for your hard lines. With traditional non-virtual trunks, scaling requires adding new physical lines and entails time and money to order and install them. With virtual trunks, all you have to do is contact your provider and you can scale instantly.

The benefits of SIP Trunks are numerous and compelling. TCI is ready to help you select and implement SIP services from the best providers.

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