Strengthen Your Leadership & Management Team with Seamless Cloud Communication Tools

The Great Resignation heightened managers’ concerns about recruitment and retention. The conversations around this phenomenon and the increase of workplace digitization often prioritize the needs of employees and customers. Customers drive revenue, and employees primarily drive output. Yet managers are the ones who make the decisions that shape both income and production, so your managers’ concerns should have equal weight.

A Seamless Transition

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, tools exist to support managers transitioning to hybrid and distributed work. TCI’s strategic partner, Mitel has taken steps to help this process by partnering with RingCentral.

This collaboration allows you to upgrade your existing cloud solution to the most robust platform available on the market: RingCentral Message Voice Phone (MVP service) – especially designed for today’s workforce.

With team members divided by state lines, national borders, and sometimes oceans, a vital communications tool is essential for managers to oversee employees. RingCentral MVP allows managers to lead more efficiently.

Integrate For Increased Benefits

RingCentral MVP integrates with existing collaboration and project management tools, which allows managers to adapt without adding to existing employee change fatigue.

Check out MVP’s latest Feature Updates

Some of the tools that can be combined with RingCentral MVP include:

  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams

Customer Success… Supporting a Global Staff

RingCentral MVP is helping Phoenix Virtual Solutions, a virtual staffing company for healthcare providers, increase its staff with ease and convenience. Its assistants are spread across the globe, which makes onboarding cumbersome. The RingCentral platform simplified the process.

“We add them to the RingCentral directory, which takes about a minute, and they could immediately start taking and making business calls and SMS messages right from their computers. Many virtual assistants also added the RingCentral mobile app to their cell phones, so they could stay connected to their managers while away from their desks.”

– Rommel Ragasa, VP of Admin and Business Development at Phoenix.

Let’s talk about how to strengthen your leadership and management team with seamless Cloud Communication Tools. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or


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