Emergency & Crisis Management… Keeping Your Employees Safe, Informed and Connected

Disruptive events – man-made or natural – unfold quickly, so fast response time is essential for safeguarding people and property. Regardless of the type of disruption, fast response is facilitated by a robust mass notification solution that allows you to communicate with all your employees at once wherever their location.

For example, employees may have to be notified of severe weather conditions, fires, hazardous material spills, IT outages, suspicious people, or an active shooter incident.

To ensure your mass notification system is up to par, make sure all the following functions are present and accounted for…

  • Anywhere, any device, any mode – A robust mass notification solution can notify staff and visitors via SMS, email, voice, landlines, mobile devices, desktops, digital screens in the lobby or cafeteria or overhead public address speakers.
  • Multiple channels – The system needs to integrate with your internal contact database. That way, you can reach employees through multiple channels simultaneously. In critical situations redundancy is a good thing.
  • Different messages, different people – Your system should be able to target different audiences by geography, function and position. For example, one message can go to executives while others are sent to staff, facility personnel, remote workers and others.
  • Confirmation – The system should also ask recipients to confirm they received the notification. In this way, real-time reporting can inform company responders of everyone’s location during an emergency.
  • Collaboration between security personnel – A mass notification solution powered by unified communications (UC) enables your security people to cut through the “wires” and connect to colleagues quickly.
  • Pre-event readiness – A good mass notification solution gives you the option of identifying numerous scenarios and preparing detailed messages and announcements – as well as automatic procedures like notifying first responders – ahead of time.

Getting urgent messages to your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. With a UC-based mass notification system, you can reach your people no matter where they are and get them to safety.

Let’s talk about how a mass notification system can protect your people and property. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or info@tcicomm.com.

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