Keeping Up with the New Generations of Workers and the Electronic Workplace

The Connected Generations

Millennials and Generation Z, born from the early 1980s to early 2010s, now represent a significant proportion of the workplace. These generations have grown up in a world where the internet, smart devices and instant connectivity are ubiquitous. They expect the same simple, connected communication platforms at work as they’ve been used to in other areas of their lives.

The frequency and preference of communication channels vary depending on the generation. Millennials, for example, often avoid face-to-face interactions in the workplace, with 55% preferring online messaging software and 28% choosing email to communicate. And for Gen Z, frequency is critical. Over 65% say they need regular feedback from their line manager to stay in their job. For business leaders and IT teams, it means finding a simple way to accommodate these diverse preferences to ensure maximum productivity and inclusion.

The Race to Stay Ahead

These changes have brought an influx of applications and communication channels, which can negatively impact productivity. Using disparate systems will slow down a business. When systems aren’t compatible, transferring data and knowledge from one program to another or person to another can be arduous. And for IT teams, staying on top of management and training to use the systems takes even longer.

Plus, employees are less than impressed with the daunting number of channels. Almost a quarter of IT professionals have found that the communication options available can overwhelm staff. It also makes tracking information harder and more time-consuming, forcing a long search across platforms to see the details needed. The solution is simple: implement one easy-to-use tool.

Today’s IT departments are under more pressure than ever. From the growing demands of the workforce to disparate systems, the current day-to-day workload is complex and time-consuming. TCI recommends exploring a solution that unifies communication into one platform across the whole business – simplifying life for your IT teams and the workforce.

Choose to Embrace the Future

TCI offers unified communications and collaboration solutions that support IT teams. We give you the power to choose which systems to make available and how to roll them out. Our flexible approach lets you choose on-prem, cloud, or hybrid, when to upgrade, and which systems to make available to which employees. We’ll work with you to uncover your unique business requirements before tailoring a solution to meet them.

Are you ready for the evolution of the electronic office? We’re here to help you drive your business forward.
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