Grappling with the New Work Environment? Get to Know Evolving Private Cloud Voice Options

Many enterprises are urgently reconsidering their business communications to keep pace with the needs of the new work environment. Do they stay with their premises-based solution or migrate to the cloud to take advantage of new capabilities, new technologies, and hybrid working?

Public, Private or Hybrid Deployments

Migrating to the cloud may mean that you no longer need to buy and operate servers and software. You simply purchase the services you need – delivered through the cloud. You can buy software as a service (SaaS) that delivers specific application services. Another option is infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS, who provide data center services. These are public services where you share the cloud with other organizations. For enterprises that need a dedicated environment and more control, a private cloud arrangement makes sense.

More on Private Cloud Advantages

TCI’s private cloud services are most appealing to organizations with 100+ seats when control is as important as reliability, security, scalability, and global reach. These organizations may also be spread across several locations. This makes private cloud services an ideal solution as users can enjoy the same communications experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Cloud storage means applications and information can be seamlessly accessed, while advanced security protection ensures that sensitive data remains safe. In addition, it also offers organizations that previously rejected private clouds due to complexity and costs the chance to take a fresh look. TCI optimizes the benefits of public cloud services, such as scalability and global reach, with the control that many organizations need.

TCI can customize a managed cloud service combining:

  • Traditional owned or controlled software in a data center – a secure, private solution accessible only by one business
  • Controlled software on cloud infrastructure – for businesses that want to keep control but with the capability to be more agile in deploying communications applications
  • Public software as a service – shared between different organizations with hosting, management, and security the responsibility of a hosting company

Whether your business needs a private cloud solution or can make a quick move to the cloud via a public cloud solution, TCI’s Mitel-powered services provide everything necessary to meet your communications technology needs. As experts in on-premises, cloud, and moving customers from one to the other, you can trust that your cloud migration experience will be easy and seamless.

TCI offers a no-hassle migration to the cloud. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or


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