Internet of Things: How Mitel is Giving Machines a Voice

Connecting devices allow businesses to operate more efficiently. The IoT’s ability to automate tasks like monitoring, sensing, and data collection is driving its adoption across many industries.

A new IoT innovation is being enabled by Mitel – giving connected devices a ‘voice’ to alert people who can interact and address whatever situation a device is reporting.

For example, airports are innovating to give IoT a Voice… an airport outfitted its automated external defibrillator (AED) cabinets with sensors to trigger messages to medical staff whenever a cabinet door opens. In the past, opening a cabinet would simply sound an alarm, but what the alarm was for, or who was responding to it wasn’t necessarily clear. With IoT, the appropriate personnel receive the alert, and they can notify others that they’re responding.

Giving IoT a Voice was also extended to maintenance processes. Environmental sensors monitor temperature and carbon dioxide levels throughout the airport. When, for example, the temperature of a certain part of a terminal exceeds a set threshold, sensors trigger messages to maintenance personnel, who are dispatched to identify and repair the problem.

Think about your own business and how you use devices… In addition to building management, security, healthcare and hospitality, virtually any industry will find applications for this technology, especially those looking to speed customer response.

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