Mitel’s CloudLink Solution… Everything Begins with the Gateway Connecting Your On-Premises Platforms to the Cloud

CloudLink is Mitel’s innovative application development and delivery solution. Our Blog Post from last month provides an introduction and overview. As discussed, CloudLink allows businesses to leverage their existing Voice and IT assets, while adding and extending new capabilities from the Cloud.

A key component of this app development and delivery solution is the CloudLink Gateway. This device connects your PBX to the CloudLink platform and CloudLink applications. It can be deployed on premises, or in the cloud as part of Mitel’s MiCloud service, or as part of a third-party Mitel-powered service.

Adaptors within the gateway communicate with the underlying call control platform of the connected PBX using its signaling protocol or generic SIP. The gateway normalizes the signaling protocols from disparate PBXs so only one signaling and messaging protocol is shared between the gateway and the CloudLink platform.

The CloudLink Gateway enables a cost-effective path to the Cloud. It supports convenient access to customized cloud-based apps and delivery to any device at any location, including your mobile devices and IoT appliances.

Mitel’s CloudLink technology is being rolled out to support businesses of any size. For example, small businesses using MiVoice Office 250 have built-in support for the CloudLink Gateway with Release 6.3.

Next month, we’ll explore the development platform elements of Mitel CloudLink. Meanwhile, if you are wondering how CloudLink can benefit your business, contact TCI today: (703) 321-3030 or


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