Save Money, Add Flexibility with SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks have emerged as a very popular replacement for traditional phone lines and data network services by helping businesses reduce their bills, while adding flexibility with new features and advantages…

  • SIP trunks can save up to 60% on your monthly bills.
  • Automatic fail-over capabilities support resiliency and disaster recovery. SIP ensures you’ll never lose a call during a system failure, power outage or Internet disruption.
  • Whether you’re a one office operation or distributed across several locations, SIP is flexible, connecting your business and its remote workers. You can transfer calls between your locations and/or enable advanced call routing features that automatically distribute calls among all your sites.
  • SIP supports local phone numbers for each of your locations coupled with centralized call handling.
  • Consolidated billing simplifies accounting for your multi-location business.
  • SIP supports voice and data, eliminating the need for separate, standalone circuits.
  • Dynamic Line Bursting provides extra call paths to accommodate heavy inbound call activity, eliminating busy signals.
  • You can add/change features and functions to keep up with business needs via a secure, online portal.

SIP makes sense. Let’s talk about better connections and lower monthly costs for your business…
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