TCI Host – Powered by Mitel – 6 Reasons to Bring Your Communications & Collaboration into the Cloud

Bring your communications and collaboration platform into the cloud for better mobility, quality, simplicity and reliability – all at a lower cost than a premises-based system.

Add offices, users and features easily to grow and customize your communications for a true competitive advantage. And there are more practical business reasons to make the move to TCI Host…

1. Be more productive
Bring all of your communications tools into one cloud and one application for a seamless experience on any device – anywhere in the world. Easily manage voice, email and IM from a single screen to reduce management complexity and boost productivity.

2. Get more done – from anywhere
Access the same rich phone and collaboration features you enjoy from your office anywhere. Seamlessly transition from the office to the airport, the golf course, or your kids’ football practice without missing a single interaction.

3. No hardware, no headaches
Say goodbye to capital expenses, maintenance and service fees with a hosted business phone system. You get great call quality, industry-leading reliability and an easy-to-manage phone system with no upfront costs – everything you need for one low monthly price.

4. Free up IT resources
Don’t waste valuable IT resources on aging PBX hardware – let us manage the hardware hassles and put your people to work on the projects that matter most. With TCI Host, you enjoy new features faster, you can add or remove lines in minutes, and you always stay up to date with the newest upgrades automatically.

5. Pay as you grow
With premises-based PBX systems, you pay the price for less-than-perfect capacity planning by having too little or paying for too much. With TCI Host, you always have just the right amount of capacity at the right time to ensure you’re paying for what you need and not a penny more.

6. Keep your business running
TCI’s cloud-based hosting platform can deliver ultra-high reliability and seamless disaster recovery so you always stay connected to colleagues and customers.

Get the tools your people need to serve customers better. Contact us now to schedule your TCI Host demo: (703) 321-3030 or


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