3 Good Technology Decisions that will Fuel Business Growth in 2022

Many businesses are finding they are weighed down by technology choices they had to make quickly during the pandemic.

With little time to assess communication platform pros and cons, they made quick purchase decisions that may have been awkward for employees to navigate, saddled businesses with unanticipated costs, and introduced performance problems that frustrated staff and customers.

The beginning of the new year is an ideal time to ensure you have a communications platform that’s designed — from the ground up — to deliver the reliability, agility, and efficiency you need to optimize productivity today and respond quickly to unanticipated changes tomorrow.

To take advantage of that opportunity, you’ll want to make 3 smart choices:

1 – Choose the Cloud to Streamline and Strengthen Your Technology

The cloud is the easiest way to simplify and supercharge your communications technology. By consolidating disjointed communications tools into an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that offers team and video collaboration, mobility, and voice capabilities, you can unleash greater productivity and performance, while eliminating the cost and resource burdens of managing your current systems.

2 – Choose a Proven UCaaS to Meet Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

Customer and employee expectations have permanently changed. Businesses have gained new confidence in their staffs’ ability to work from anywhere. Employees value the balance that hybrid working environments provide. And customers just want great service — and don’t care where the employee supporting them is working from. That’s why TCI is partnered with Mitel and RingCentral to empower our clients with the world’s leading UCaaS technology.

3 – Choose a Trusted, Local Partner to Customize Your Migration Path

Your business has already made investments in its communications platform. You’ll want a migration plan that takes that into consideration. Look for the guidance of a local partner with extensive expertise in the full range of VoIP deployments — including on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud systems. TCI has been serving the DC region’s businesses and public sector for 40+ years. That’s why you can trust our experts to ensure your transition to the cloud will be based on a customized migration plan and timeline.

Choose the Freedom to Focus on the Future

If the communications platform you put in place during the pandemic isn’t providing you with all the functionality you need to grow and meet new challenges ahead, now is an ideal time to press the reset button.

Contact TCI to help you make the right choices for your business. Call us today at (703) 321-3030 or info@tcicomm.com.


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